Saturday, May 18, 2002

OH god, i am sooooooo stupid!! I have owned this camera for over a year and only just realised how to make the pix into stickers (and its really not hard to figure out)
Oh joy, oh happiness, found my kick ass little polaroid camera, going to have to go find some new film for it so i can get some pix from college.
Can you believe I have no photographs from my first year at college, how shite am I? My dad is disgusted, him being a very keen photographer with about ten fancy cameras, aww well

Friday, May 17, 2002

They promised thunder and lightning but all we got is pissy old rain, not fair.
So I got me a job sorted out for this summer, I am going to be the general dogsbody in the George. But it means I can clock up lots of hour and get lots of mo save up for to go away. Plans to extend my going away plot too, Lindsay is thinking about coming out and meeting me in Croatia and spending a week there, cool, means I might miss freshers week but I'm sure I'll survive.
Everytime I think about work today I just keep getting stressed, I have really done nowhere near enough and I know everyone says the same but they don't actually mean it like I mean it, I am truelly fucked.
I hope Dad wasn't serious about the whole transfering me to queens if i get lower than 2:1s. I am not sure he could, hopefully it'd be too late by the time I get my results. I wouldn't even mind moving, just the whole living at home thing would kill me. I mean I could be going out tomorrow night with sam and em but, get this, I am too scared to even ask cos I know mum and dad will just flip and start going mental about my screwed up priorities. Most people don't even know I am home cos i don't want to tell them and have them invite me out places that I can't go.
How depressing
On a brighter note, I am not sleeping in the same room as Vanessa anymore or using the same bathroom and having to deal with her little (or not so little) "offerings" she leaves in the toilet, ewwwwww.
Going to go sleep now so I burst out of bed tomorrow morning bright and raring to go and study and learn everything and be fantastic and wonderful and superb and and and .......................
bonsoir kiddies!

Thursday, May 16, 2002

"Cos ur so jaded.......and baby I'm afraid of you!"

Ohhhhh, the absolute bestest way in the whole wide world to wake up in the morning is to blast "Jaded" by Aerosmith, bounce out of bed and dance crazily around the room trying to be steve tyler in front of the mirror. Just sets you up for the day.
So yeah, studying theory, he he, met up with samantha for lunch, ended up bumping into Charlene who i hadn't seen since 5th year who was telling us about being pregnant - she's going for her first scan next week, so exciting. Then Sam and I sat in wetherspoons and drank all afternoon, it was class fun.
Decided whilst sitting in the library at queens in the morning that the men are much better quality then in Trinity. Maybe its cos they are not as pretentious, and they were really polite as well, they hold doors open, I had to catch myself on to not be in shock!
ahhh, downside to being at home, getting kicked off the computer so that dad can write, boo :(

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Weird dream last night:
Joe came over to the apartment to get changed to go out, so he used the washing machine and the iron and made me do his hair.
Bizarre, must be because Rhi told me it was his b-day yesterday so he was hovering around at the back of my mind.
Wow, its amazing how much better a mood I am in when I don't have to deal with Vanessa in the morning, I feigned still being asleep when she got up and stayed in bed until she left, ahh, bliss, also devised a new sleeping strategy. Vanessa started the deafening snoring again last night but this time i was prepared with a shoe within reaching distance of the bed. So i hurled the shoe at the wall when she started which woke her up, thus stopping the snoring. Put her in a right shitty mood though, there was much door slamming etc going on this morning. Well, I refuse to feel guilty, she has woken me up with her snoring nearly every night for the last two weeks, its down to survival now!!
On the theme of survival, the trusty "First year experience" team at college sent an e-mail telling us to chill out and informing us that "if we chose to study" wait a min, "if"? Like its a fricking option, pricks! A further continuation of this theme of survival, I am going back to Newtownards tomorrow until the first exam, nothing is getting done. Despite going into the library at 9am and not leaving until I am kicked out each night, there is still nothing getting done, its probably got something to do with my 3 hour lunch and dinner breaks, he he!! I figure with my mum nagging me at home, I am more like to be forced into doing some actual work.

Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Hey, welcome to the new blog of myself.
Don't know what happened to the last one, started doing some weird shit and acted like it had been taken over by gremlins, so with my superior understanding of computers, I just left it and went on to start a new blog. I could have fixed it, some random person posted a bunch of instructions up and I tried to follow them but it was a bit too bugging to wish to continue.
So, end of last term. Scariness. Its all gone so fast, in a mere three weeks I will have finished and will be back in Newtownards working to save for my travel venture in september.
Mayball last friday, an interesting night, didn't get to see any of the main bands play, don't exactly know why, wasn't really drunk, well I was, but after a fight with James I sobered up. I remember dancing to the Tom Jones experience with Conor, Maria and Rhi.
More of a surreal night than a good night, I had a feeling it was going to be surreal, it all started when Conor texted me telling me he had no one to drink with before the ball and if he could come out with me. I don't mind Conor that much but its just not like I am really great friends with him or anything, seemed odd that he asked me. I took him to Sams and he seemed to enjoy himself, he flirted his way around the room! Don't remember too much of being at Sams apart from a vague recollection of sitting on the edge of the balcony with Barry having a stone throwing competition and trying to get people walking past to look up and wave at us!!
I finally spoke to Shelly Cunningham today, it was kind of unavoidable, we were standing beside eachother in the queue for the toilet. It was a bit funny cos we blatantly knew the other had been there all year but we were acting like we didn't and every now and again one of us slipped up. Quite an amusing conversation and of course now every time i move I keep bumping into her.