Friday, May 24, 2002

"When the kykes come acrawlin' send 'em sprawlin' with a dose of poison gas"

James contributon!!! if by some chance you are also a "national socialist" and know what he's refering to, please don't repeat

*NOTE - am currently half cut!!! he he*
Well, first exam yesterday, it was kind of horrendous. The questions were actually pretty nice and if adequate revision had of been done I would have probably even enjoyed the paper, it was much nicer than previous years, maybe Helga realises we are all dumb and lazy this year so shes giving us a fighting chance. British history next, this will actually be failed, no joke. I don't seem to have hardly any notes for it at all, i am learning topics rather than revising which would be ok if I had a week before, but its on monday, ahhhhh!!!! exams are a nasty business.
I met up with Rhi, Florrie and Joe yesterday after my exam, I think things might even be getting worse in terms of awkwardness between Joe and I. Just really difficult being around him.
On a more positive note, went to see No mans lands last night and despite being subtitled, it was actually really good, very depressing end but then the subject matter was very depressing.
Oh dear, now I feel sad, going to go hit the library

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

yaaay, I get to watch dawsons creek tomorrow!!

- yeah my day really waz that boring, think alphabeticising cd collection boring

Monday, May 20, 2002

mmmm, the second nicest way to get up in the morning is to follow the unpleasant departure from bed by an hour long bath whilst reading a trashy Maeve Binchy novel, mmmm, very nice indeed. When I am old, I am going to live in the bath reading trashy romance novels and being glamourous, excellent way to spend time.
Revision still isn't going well but at least now I have gotten into writing essay plans which is the most useful form of revision I can do and I finally seem to be remembering stuff.
I am so talented at wasting time though, ably accompanied by the sunday times yesterday who directed me to the dancing Tony and dancing Bush sites, hours of entertainment for the whole family!