Saturday, June 01, 2002

yay!! got to kiss moondrop, all is good and wonderful
But very hungover and haven't been home yet since yesterday so going to go sleep to I might have energy to study later........

Thursday, May 30, 2002

hmm, still having major concentration issues and it really is getting serious now, the exam is tomorrow, ahhh!
Was sunbathing earlier with Ri and Anna when Eoin came over and decided it was fun to tell us all his exams were over and basically be smug and irritating, remind me again, why the hell did i score this guy, he irritates me beyond reason.
But he is having a party tomorrow night and I think it may be a good way to unwind after the exam, especially since moondrop will be there, he he, ulterior motives again, he he!! I know I shouldn't snog anyone else from that group but they'll be 4th year next year and then away. Or maybe I've just been in the library too long and therefore anything else that isn't being in the library sounds brilliant and inspired!
Also maintaining a text conversation with Jon, the guy from the regatta that I couldn't score because I was still with Joe at the time (Incidentally JOn also looks like Michael Crichton, do we sense a theme here? yes indeed, I am obsessed with him, sad). So that could be interesting, he was alot of fun and very attractive, hmmmmm, the possibilities...................
oh sadness, back to the library
mmmm, just walked past moondrop on my way into the arts block, he is so cute, so very cute but really, I can't kiss anymore of that little group of friends, its a bit sluttish. Would trade kissing the rest of them to kiss moondrop though, ahhhhhh. I decided why I like him, he looks kind of like michael crichton - the obsession from long ago, especially about the eyes!! he he, ahhh, nothing like having a crush to make you all smiley and beamy for the day, he he, except the idiotic giggle, ahhhh!!
The toilet standoff is over, I finally gave in and unblocked the damned thing, I mean, it was starting to really smell. How can that girl be sooo ming. I am going to be so grateful next year not to be living with her.

Wednesday, May 29, 2002

why oh why can I not concentrate?
"Why can't you just love her, why be such a monster?"

Getting some weird responses back from the Jerry Springer scripts that i sent to ppl. So far I got secretly married to Joe and James in Vegas and two of my friends whom you would least expect it from are lesbian lovers, tee hee.
ok, so todays quote isn't really relevant, but I am listening to the Muse album as I write and I always liked that line for some reason, don't know why, just appeals to me somehow.
Well, Laura may have saved my ass, bumped into her in the Ussher yesterday and she gave me shitloads of notes for the irish course (irish exam is on friday) Its cool cos there was lots about the pre-Norman urbanisation which was stressing me out, well suppose I'd better actually go and make use of them eh?

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

"All of which makes me anxious, at times unbearably so"

Revision not going well, focusing problems!!
Got an e-mail from Darren Ross this morning about the Strangford Young Unionists, because Simon has fucked away off in disgust at the stuff Trimble has been saying, Darren needs someone to run the Strangford branch - like I don't have enough to do this summer, honestly no peace. Might be interesting though, going to give it a try anyway and maybe if I get the Strangford branch running, I can get the Trinity branch see, when you establish your ulterior motive, things seem like more fun!
Eimear seems to have gone home for the summer, so its just me and Vanessa, its a toss up between which one of us stabs the other first. At present, I would put the odds on me though, at the moment, she is preventing me from sleeping, going to the loo and almost from eating - with the rate at which she is getting through my food! So at the moment there is a toilet standoff. Vanessa has done unmentionable things to the toilet again rendering it unusable, and as last time the standoff was broken by Eimear unblocking it even though it was Vanessa who blocked it. However now Eimear is not here to peacekeep and I am not going near it (hey, I didn't do it and there is no way I am scooping out her poo just so i can go for a pee again) it is up to Vanessa to do something.
At the moment it is not looking likely, and I am doing terrible things to my insides by never being able to go to the loo, dear knows how it will work out, or not as the case may be. I am definitely not giving in first, I mean who does she think she is, if she is going to refuse to deal with the "things" she causes, then she better hire herself a maid and pay her rather than expect me and Eimear to deal with her fricking poo!!
bloody french ppl

Monday, May 27, 2002

*Warning, I am still in a bad mood*

I just did a quiz online and it told me I had just been dumped by my b/f, ha, yeah, that imaginary one I keep on the shelf beside my gcse certificates that say I got 55 A* s and A-level certificates that say I got As in 30 subjects all taken in the same year. *snort* yeah.
And anyway, last b/f I dumped him, stupid quiz, what does it know.
So british history this morning, fun, fun, fun, as well as permanent headache this time caused by Vanessa coming in at 4am, she wasn't too impressed when I got up at 6am and had a shower.
ha, serves her right
hmm, you know, it isn't fair to include my physcotic mood on you anymore, i shall depart now

Sunday, May 26, 2002

*Warning todays entry will consist mostly of me feeling sorry for myself*

The ppl who work in the libraries in college are bastards. Right now is official exam panic time so ppl should really try and be nice to us poor stressed students or at least just not nasty. I spent today in the library, just for a change, and whilst getting chucked out 20 mins before they were supposed to close, I noticed a guy still sitting with notes and books sprawled all over the place looking stressed, then a big scary looking librarian guy came out and grunted in a low menacing tone at the student, the student didn't notice cos it wasn't very loud, next the scary librarian guy picked up a book (note this was in the history section and those books are hardbacks and v. heavy) and threw it at the student whilst grunting "Oi you". Charming eh?
So British history is up next, very worried about it, have done nowhere near enough work, like really, I haven't, I know I said that about Early modern europe but I had actually got a few essay plans done, this time however, I haven't even finished reviewing the topics, never mind even started the essay plans which are essential. shhiiiiiitttt
Eoin may have had a point about his whole not drinking mentality. You really do lose an entire day after you've been drinking.
I went out on friday night, as you can tell from the last entry, even letting James write some of his nazi shite on my site, ahhhhhhhh
I planned to spend time in the library but I went to the Pav with James, then Rhi joined us and we went to meet Annie, Sam and ppl in the Longstone. Quite awkward as James still hasn't apologised to Sam yet so they were both sitting there glaring at eachother. Then we went back to annies place and drank lots and annies friend Paul kept trying to make a move on me so I left, despite it being 4am and very cold, i left.
Saturday therefore was a writeoff, so if I fail tomorrow morning, its entirely my fault and I have no one but myself to blame.
I just can't wait to get home at the minute. Its weird cos I never want to go home when I am here usually. Its the exams fault of course. I am associating being here with exams and being stressed. Then even when the exams are done in a couple of weeks I have to spend a week researching some buildings in Dublin for my duke of ed architectural appreciation project, so much bloody work.
my head is Fucking sore.