Saturday, June 08, 2002

My blog title sucks eh andrew? well :P to you!
hmm, very tired, got 2 hours sleep last night, went out to doyles with annie, sam, lindsay etc then went back to sams for more drinking. Left Sams at 5am and wandered around the city looking drunk, watched the sunrise at the docks, it was great. Beautiful, then sat and gazed at the sea for a while, I can't understand why people are scared of deep water, to me it is just cool, you get all this weird, cool looking swells and ripples. Then i realised I was being freaky and went home and to bed.
slight addition to Rebecca's blog: Hi, says Ri! (who is completely unable to type on a mac. at all. argh.)

Friday, June 07, 2002

Why I hate miserable Dublin weather..........

Spent time this morning trying to look nice, like I went the whole hog, plucked my eyebrows during the england game, showered, make up, clothes that aren't tracksuit bottoms and baggy t-shirts, hair gel, then as soon as I leave the flat, it starts pouring, so I look as dodgy as I usually look on a normal day in college, grrr, I give up with the whole appearence thing.
I still marvel at those girls (arts block girls) who comes on looking fantastic every day,. how do they do it, are they fricking rain proof or something, ahhh!
Well about to go and get very drunk again, tomorrow I go back to northern ireland. As previously mentioned Rhi is coming too, but due to the riots in belfast we are going to have to stay in newtownards, oh dear, what a way to put someone off northern ireland forever

Thursday, June 06, 2002

sorry kiddies, no apt quote for the last few days. Mostly just too much alcohol.
So I went on the date with Jon last night, it was fun, we tried to go to the Pav but it was shut, on the way out of college we bumped into Annie and Sam and headed to O'Neills, the swimming pub!
Jon is great but as Annie and I concluded, he's just too nice, I just don't fancy him and the fact that he is so nice is part of the problem. We all ended up very drunk and at sams where sam and I drank a bottle of vodka between us, bizarrely (and I had 3 pints of bulmers before that) I'm not too hungover, also only got 3 hours sleep so I should be feeling like crap. weird.
Also went to visit James in Maynooth as promised. Interesting day, we went to the pub with his dad to watch the match against Germany. When Ireland drew the place erupted, it was kind of scary, people I didn't know hugging me and stuff, eeeekk! Then we played in the castle and around the college and monastry. Maynooth is very nice. Its the college that former room mate, witch of Drogheda, went to. Unfortunately James is trying to freak me out again - his parents assumed we were dating and he didn't correct them and also kept wrestling me and telling me he was going to violently rape me all day. He scares me sometimes.
Its been a few days of scary people though. Eoin is still as rampant as ever, he was hitting on every female I introduced him to.
I ended up hanging out with him and Conor Dalton after my last exam, I was too broke to drink so I sat there with my carton of milk all night looking quite the paragon of purity!!! Conor was being very sweet, Eoin embarassed me really badly so I kicked him hard in the shins and he hit me really hard back, then Conor unexpectedly stood up for me and yelled at Eoin for hitting a girl. I was quite touched!
hmm, I think home and shower may be the best plan for me at the minute, also some sleep before waterpolo would probably also be a good idea, more later......

Tuesday, June 04, 2002

Ohhh and do ppl like me new format?
I am starting to be convinced that I have some fucked up subconscious desire to FAIL!
Reasons: two hours to exam, don't know how to get there and blogging instead of revising
Yesterday, I slept, painted my nails, re-read the wind up bird chronicles, anything but revise
Really don't care all that much if I do fail

Don't know why, maybe its the fact I only need 30% to pass this year or maybe its that my notes make me feel nauseous when I even look at them, never mind read them. Its sick, I worked pretty hard to get enough a-levels to get here and now look at me.
Or maybe its just my melodramatic procrastinating self has got gotten out of control, personally I blame it on sour skittles too early in the morning or the very fit rugby player who sat down beside me. Incidentally he has an even worse concentration span than me and keep wandering around the room, peering out the window towards the pub, periodically changing the wall paper on the computers (all the computers now have football wallpaper - ahhh the world cup is in fact taking over)
Right, enough is enough, plus fit rugby player has wandered out the door so I can maybe try and get a bit of cramming done, toodles for now!
mmm, i got the prettiest pearly pink finger nails today and get toenails match!!!
(you can tell I was revising all day yesterday eh?!!)

Monday, June 03, 2002

"I'm happiest when there is no reason for me to be
When no ones expectations are lying heavy on my heart
Filled with so much hope, its sometimes tears me all apart"

Isn't that just the most truest? Do you ever get those mornings when ur just really inexplicably happy and bounce out of bed with a big grin on ur face?
This came to me last night whilst on the phone, I was having a conversation with James about the happiest and the saddest moments of our lives. Its actually a really good thing to have a conversation about, really makes you think. I came up with getting my 11+ results, beating this girl Claire Nixon at a gala once and for the saddest it was my granny dying and my sister being ill.
Well, I am as inconsistant as ever, after all my entries going on about moondrop I got another date on thursday with Jon from the regatta, he txted me at about 3am last night, bloody men! Although Eoin is trying to get Ri to go bowling with him and she doesn't want to go with him alone, so she is going to try and get him to bring moondrop, he he!! da plot thickens.

Sunday, June 02, 2002

"I want you, I want you so bad"

Line from a song that was on at eoins just before I left, Very apt, especially since moondrop was nearby! Don't know who the song is by or anything about it, old or new, but know I have heard it somewhere else recently too.
Well, I am finally on the homestretch when it comes to exams, only got one more left on tuesday and I am alot more prepared this time than I was for the Irish exam which by the way was unbelievable, I started giggling cos i just knew how fucked I was. Never a good sign.
The fact this year is nearly over is very sad, I saw Kevin and Joe after my last exam and thats the last time I'll see them until october, Joe has gone back to Mullingar and Kevin has gone to Wales for a wedding. Tuesday will be the last I'll see of everyone in my course until october also, although I am sure we'll all end up in the pub for a few hours after the exams.
Rhi is coming to newtownards for a couple of days next week which will be fun, I am going to take her to Belfast for one of the days and to the giants causeway, I'll have to read a tourist guide and see where all I also should take her, ohhhh, so much fun taking people around where you live!!
he he, go here

I particularly recommend the laudromat entry, very amusing (by the way, I don't know this person, her link was on the central blogger page)