Thursday, June 13, 2002

hmm, so I am not really in the mood to blog at the min. The boredom of being home is starting to set in already.
Mum and Dad drove me all over Northern Ireland today, it was marginally interesting. We basically drove in a big circle around Lough Neagh.
Tomorrow I guess I should finish unpacking and try and get some work done, need to keep my mind off getting my results on 2nd july, very scared about that, seeing as how I fucked up the irish history particularly the archaeology essays so badly. I feel awful about that, archaeology is my favourite section of the course but I just didn't have the clue, I'd be lucky to get thirds for them.
So Ross Mawhinney, better known to people as dy man is back in my thoughts. Started last night for some reason he came into my head. Saw him at the supermarket last time I was home but avoided him as was with my mum. Then last night I was trying to reorganise my desk as I unpacked and found an old diary from the time of my obsession with him. Then finally tonight after I put my pic on hot or not (yeah, I was bored and rating ppl is so much fun) and he replied and I found his pic on the site, sad sad boy!! Don't know if I still have a thing for him, he is such a wee poser and a bit of a head wrecker, don't know if I could be bothered having a crush on him, so many more nicer people to obsess about, like moondrop and michael crichton.
Ohh and andrew got a better rating than me on the site, bastard, i cancelled my pic on it in protest! nasty ppl

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

again, i am very tired. Still have not unpacked stuff from college, I am possibily the laziest person in the world. Had a nice phone call from Ruth today although after not really hearing an english accent for a while, it took me a while to figure out who it was when I first answered the phone. She has snared her man that she has been after for a while - respect!
Left Rhi and Anna at the bus station and then hit the library to get my architectural appreciation project restarted, I just wish I had it done, it is such a pain.
Ohhh by the way, everyone must go to this site and give my friend andrew a really crap mark, not that he isn't hot but because he was a big enough knobhead to put his pic on a site named "Am I hot or not" more like am I sad or not