Saturday, June 29, 2002

right so, i am crap about writing in this cos I have been a wee bit busy recently, working alot in the George, both in housekeeping and in banquetting.
Having a lot of fun, some interesting ppl working there, we have (for future reference)

Mary - gives me lifts home, has a thing going on with Robbie, just finished a-levels at bloomfield
Julie - really sweet, going out with Darren
Jenny - mad, hyper singing person, going out with silent guy Ryan
Darren - sort of in charge of us, nice guy
Robbie - very cute, very charming, makes me giggle, nuff said
Lee - everyones bratty little brother, but can be very sweet on occasions
Carley - cousin of Lee, extremelly ditzy, complete skiver spends her life moaning
Chris - best friend of Robbie, also very cute
Neil - the older guy, very cute, also mature too *swoon*
Aaron - my main skiving partner
Fonsie - another skiving partner, sound guy

and then the bosses

Ian - the guy who hired me, really nice and good fun
Jonny - used to live down the road from me, scary sister, extremelly good looking, think male model, but really false and camp
Graeme - bastard, housekeeping boss, nasty, nasty piece of work
Andy - ok,. but slightly highly strung

So the scandal, I fance Robbie, Robbie and Mary have this thing where they keep randomly getting off with eachother but won't go out with eachother cos mary is about to go on hols and robbie doesn't trust her or himself to stay faithful, Mary recently started going out with this other guy Chris (not the same chris as robbies best friend) but her and robbie are still flirting for britain. Chris (robbies best friend) told me that robbie liked me too and not to worry bout mary cos there was nothing going out between them and what would I say if robbie asked me out. I said I'd say no cos Mary still likes him and it would not be the best plan to makes enemies of everyone there by betraying Mary. Also wouldn't trust robbie as far as I could throw him, he'd make a great random snog but crap b/f.
Elsewhere in life, met up with Clem yesterday for lunch which was lovely to see her again, she is planning a japanese style dinner for when everyone gets home. Should be great! Might have got clem a summer job, Neil from work is starting up his own company selling baskets for occasions and he needs someone artistic to design them for him, so naturally I thought of Clemmie, hopefully that'll all work out for all concerned. Think Clem and Neil should get on ok.
Was telling Clem all about the Will situation from last term and she reckons I should make the peace and phone him, I just can't bring myself to, really can't bring myself to make the first move.
euuurgghh, going to go listen to my new sophie ellis baxtor album, yay!!!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Jeez, I am such a geek, I need a good slap! I have looked up my reading list for next year, I suppose it is a good thing though, I am following through my grand plan to study much more next year.

Monday, June 24, 2002

Holy shit, I must be the biggest chancer in the world, I just got my exam results and I got a 2:2, I really deserved to fail, I mean, I so screwed up the Irish paper, next year I am definitely going to work do much harder and actually deserve to pass!
So recently I have just been working a lot, working at the george has turned out to be a lot of fun. Everyone there is good fun and theres a lot of skiving that goes on. Excellent way to make money!! Plus I will be able to pay for my holiday all by myself with my first paycheck, yay!