Thursday, July 04, 2002

ahh dear, sad the things that I get fun out of - sitting writing to about three ppl simultaneously on msn, so much fun!
Out with Clem last night, interesting night, we were looking got bar bacca but found this other cool bar, really nice cocktails and cute bartender who thought Clem and I were working for a magazine and therefore really looking after us, he he, sucker!!
Lots of ppl coming home next week which should be interesting, nice to see ppl again, working again tomorrow, ahh the pain, 8am - 4.30 in housekeeping and then later in banquetting, fun fun fun

Tuesday, July 02, 2002

hmmm, is the author a boy or a girl?

I just can't figure it out, puzzling me.
Just finished another Maeve Binchy novel, doing a bit of a Maeve Binchy marathon at the minute, don't know what took the notion, i think my mother owns everything the woman has ever written, had only read a few before now. They're not bad but the same sort of theme runs through them all which makes them very unchallenging, ideal post exam and bath books.
Also just finished a e-mail marathon, e-mailed many ppl passing the time until the next installment of big brother, yeah I am sad, but that show is sooo damned addictive