Monday, July 15, 2002

ha ha, maybe one pint does go to my head, I am eating cauliform according to me!
Why does going to the pub give you a craving for savoury food, I could ask why does alcohol give you a craving for savory food but I was barely drinking tonight so I figure its got to do with the actual pub.
Anyway, solved problem by eating some pickled cauliflour, sounds ming but its actually really, really yummy, the vinegar is so strong it makes you wrinkle ur nose when you bite into the cauliform, mmmm, very nice.
Was housekeeping this morning, then remember Laura was back in newtownards so i texted everyone and instructed them to go to le winters for a drink - no michael crichton this time thank god. Really nice to catch up with Laura, I don't know why, but with her more so than anyone else I always seem to take longer to rebond with, puzzling.
I had a dream about moondrop last night and the night we kissed. Very nice dream, don't know why he suddenly came into my head, hope I still see him around next term, would very much like a repeat performance of that.
So this is a very disjointed entry, don't know why, seems to be recurring theme of this entry, the whole don't know why thing, so maybe its not so disjointed - the don't know whys run through it as a theme. Maybe.

Sunday, July 14, 2002

Got very few hours for next week in work, really not too impressed with this, also newly not impressed with being home, i could be at robbies party right now drinking and flirting for all i'm worth with robbie but I knew it was a bad idea to even consider. I can do things like have a social life and go to parties when I am in Dublin but not when i am at home. All due to parental unit. Cracks me up sometimes, i am 20 years old and i am still living under the iron rule of my mother for a good chunk of the year.
Saw Ross Mawhinney in work tonight, its obviously the week for seeing previous crushes with their g/fs and not recognising me. Though I think Ross knew by the end of the night cos he kept coming back into the pub bit where I was working before being towed back into the club by the g/f. Though having learnt my lesson, I just kept running away from him, too freaked out to do anything else.
Tonight was also disappointing in that a lot of ppl got sent home cos the club was kind of dead. This included Neil and Carley, the two who generally keep me sane while I worked with scary lady and Aaron who is very weird. The final nail in the coffin was that tomorrow night I am in on my own with Andy ( aka irritating fuckface) Not a happy bunny