Sunday, July 21, 2002

Got a few gripes to make on the theme of sleep

1. why the hell do ppl attempt to carry out conversations with sleeping ppl, its annoying on par with someone talking to you while you are blogging or e-mailing, I mean FUCK OFF personal time, my mum did this earlier when I was napping after work, but the worst example I have of it was last year sometime when I was in Canada, Sarahs dotty host family mother actually leaned over me and tried to ask me the most inane questions whilst I was blatantly still half asleep - its really the most annoying thing - ur brain can't handle the process of thinking when ur in that state, grrr
2. I think recent sleep deprivation is also the cause of my recent crop of zits
3. There is nothing that makes you feel more irritable than being tired, you may notice and have already noticed this within the course of the entry

Been working like a trojan all weekend and started off with a hangover on saturday morning, it hurt. Although the cause of the hangover was pleasent. To make up for the fact that they had both forgotten my birthday, lindsay and laura planned a surprise dinner for me, they even made it wheat free in accordance with the new regime I am following to get rid of some unpleasant symtoms (read - i can't be bothered explaining what they are) But was a lovely gesture and thoroughly enjoyable evening.
Rejoined the gym in ards, haven't been since thursday due to work but fully intend to go tomorrow after work. Had to work later today due to a paki wedding, it was an arranged marriage and the girl didn't look best pleased, the guy was chuffed though. It was pretty cool though, they all wore authentic costumes, saris and the like and had their own chefs cooking these mad indian dishes that everyone else was turning their noses up at but I thought they were yummy, bit different to the stuff you'd get in the average takeaway, more authentic and hot as hell but very yummy.
Irritating little mutant has started going on with Robbie in work, not best amused but he is still flirting for britain with me, so we'll see, i countered the rumour that he was going to ask me out by commenting within earshot of him that he'd do better not to bother asking me out as I'd only refuse. Can't make it that bloody easy for him, gotta fuck with his head a bit longer.
Starting to think Neil is a bit pissed off with me, acting odd and making lots of digs last night, wonder whats going on there
to end this on the same token as I started it, very tired now, going to sleep