Monday, September 30, 2002

I think I am starting to get obsessed with my weight......I lost a bit recently and a few ppl have commented on it and instead of simply being pleased, i am getting obsessed, oh dear god, its the downward spiral I tell you, pretty soon i am going to be refusing to leave the house without ten tons of make up, painting my nails pearly pink everyday and getting overly concerned at chips in it, it is just going to get ugly.
On a happier note, i am going back to dublin next monday, I am very excited to be going back but I'll be quite sad to leave newtownards. I have had a really nice summer, well my holiday this year sucked but thats another story. But generally being at home, I have had a lot of fun. Got to see lots of my school friends, spent lots of quality time with family, worked in a place where i really liked everyone. Bizarre.