Wednesday, October 09, 2002

First session back at swimming last night, lovely to see everyone again, things are still awkward with Joe but getting better, certainly much better than they were at the end of last term.
Andrew is still being an asshole, so i have blocked his e-mail address, honestly his tantrums drive me round the bend sometimes, he can just be so unreasonable sometimes, like chill out. I have a life apart from him, i don't get how you can be mad at someone for being busy in the last week before they go back to dublin. All I can say is that he has a lot of wising up to do if he wants to get anywhere is this life.
Conintinuing the theme of ex's, james arrived at the chaplaincy yesterday while annie and I were scabbing a free lunch and wouldn't even say hello to me. Probably no real loss though.
I met the other woman who is living in the house today, she is the coffin dodgers niece, she's ok, i pissed her off though by asking about the heating. But really, yesterday, me and the two freshers were literally shivering as we watched tv in the living room and i think i am getting the cold, the house is literally baltic. I don't care about paying a little extra heating if it means not getting the cold, especially when my tutorials start and I'll have to spend time sitting at my desk. Think I will invest in a heater for my room.
So far my lectures are all pretty small, the british history only has 12 people in it, the irish is similar. Haven't been to a culture and politics lecture yet but we're in a tiny room so I imagine it'll be tiny as well. Some very fit one year students in my lectures which is always nice! We were also getting told about the travelling opporuntunities for next year - being able to go to college in north america or europe!! woohoo, think i will apply, though it'll probably mean having to work very hard.

Monday, October 07, 2002

I am starting to very much subscribe to the pleasure-pain theory. My interpretation being that in order for one area of your life to be going well, all other areas must be disasterous!
Explaination - Got an e-mail from graham already, he is coming to dublin at the end of the month! Consequently all other areas are shit - andrew is really mad at me, i am living with a crazy granny and just feeling generally depressed and out of place in dublin.
lifes a real bitch sometimes - woooah, recurring theme

Sunday, October 06, 2002

Well, back in dublin as of tonight. Location of new house is very cool, its right beside this little mini township so i got everything right beside me and the very scenic grand canal.
College starts back tomorrow, should be fun, i know i definitely have a geology lecture at 1pm and rugby at 6pm, had been thinking of giving rugby up but fiona from rugby convinced me otherwise during a text conversation on the train.
So recently was sort of seeing this guy graham from bangor. He was at a wedding i was working at, very sweet, went out with him last week on tuesday and then again on saturday, got me very drunk both times but was a lot of fun and very cute. waahh, its the same old syndrome of meeting lovely ppl just before i go away. Life can be such a bitch