Thursday, October 17, 2002

Its weird not to be a fresher anymore, everytime a random person asks me what year I am in, i automatically say first year only to have whomever i am with go, nooooooo. duh second year. ooops. Its like in January when you write the year in ur lecture notes, you always write the previous year, and then have to scribble it out and write in the correct year. Confusing.
Damned tired today, my clock radio keeps switching itself to country music inexplicably so i always seem to be woken up to some weird sounding female country type person.
Mum called last night when i was in the buttery watching the match, (ireland were beaten by switzerland in a european cup qualifier last night, i mean switzerland, the shame) Wales beat italy, northern ireland also won their match, the world is going crazy, crazy crazy crazy. Anyway back to the point of this paragraph she made me feel really bad, i don't bother e-mailing my family or phoning when I go back to college other than if i need something, I am a horrible, terrible daughter. But then i am going home this weekend, so maybe i am not too bad, although my motives for going home for more graham orientated than family orientated, yeah, so i am a terrible daughter again afterall.
She also went ballistic when she heard i was playing rugby again, i managed to pacify her slightly by saying i wasn't playing matches, i was just going for the training, hope she doesn't see my legs this weekend cause then she will know straight off that i was lying - think solid mass of bruises! I have also got a big bruise on my hand which is interesting, never had a bruise there before, didn't know you could get a bruise there.
Eoin came swimming with me on tuesday, don't think he enjoyed it too much. He just won't talk to ppl he doesn't know, i was late and he was about to leave because he thought i wasn't going. Then in the pool Kev and I were messing about as usual with Dave and Frank, and Eoin just sort of sat there, in the pub was the same and he left early, i felt like shit. I haven't heard from him since, better go and be nice to him next week.

Sunday, October 13, 2002

ahhhh, feel like hell yet have a waterpolo and a rugby match to play today, fuuuuccck.
Reason for cold is a combination of the lady i live with being too stingy to turn on the heating and the sheer amount of rain at the moment, i had forgotten how much it rains here :(
Went to see red dragon last night, its the prequel to silence of the lambs which i loved but like hannibal, it was nothing like as good as silence of the lambs. Such a disappointment, although while we were at the cinema we saw the trailers for the next harry potter and lord of the rings, they both look amazing although lord of the ring isn't out until 18th dec
I called graeme on thursday night whilst very drunk. I texted him asking if seeing other people was expected and he got narky which is good cos it means that he considers us to be going out, i didn't know if he thought that or not before. I am going home next weekend so i'll meet up with him then the weekend after he is coming to dublin. So its all cool on that front.
better go and put in an appearence at front arch now and not be late for a change