Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Ohhh my head hurts, i feel shitty and have to prepare this load of bollocks commentary on this olde english thing, ahhh, hate bloody olde english, wish i hadn't of picked british history.
Well, cause of hangover, went out last night for the swimming club fundraiser, quite a good night although i was getting unreasonably jealous everytime joe started dancing with someone, its stupid I have absolutely no right to feel jealous, i dumped him afterall but it was still like, grrrrrr!
Went home at the weekend and saw Graham which was lovely, he made me breakfast in bed and went out and got me the sunday paper in the morning, he is such a wee sweetie pie. He is coming to Dublin on sunday to watch this darts match, I will be away in Kilkenny all day at a rugby match but hopefully i'll get to see him last night if even i have to tell him to jump in a cab to my house!! I have ways and means!
Kevin is feeling sad at the moment because he wants a man, i want to find him someone really lovely cos he is such a wee dote, i'll love with see him with someone really nice, me and him were together all night and loads of people kept thinking we were a couple, tee hee!!! I hope it wound Joe up (ahh the maturity levels!)
Tonight will be the first night my sister is on TV in this reality TV show called Mr Right. I won't get to see it because i don't get ITV down here and in any case i'll be in the pool at nine for waterpolo, hope she does well though, i have been bugging every i have been talking to recently to watch it so she'll have a wee irish following!