Wednesday, October 30, 2002

and stupid annoying graham hasn't bothered his arse texting or e-mailing me since he got home.
aahhhh, trying to write my article for the trinity news on unionism, its not going well, not going at all in fact. Although i am doing a lot more procrastinating and moaning than i am actually writing it. Its just such a minefield and i am not getting any support at all from unionists at home. I know that if i e-mail darren, he'll think i am just trying to offload the work on to him, so i e-mailed ross (this guy who set up a branch when he was at college in edunburgh) and haven't got a response from him at all. I mean, ahhhhhh, i'd just love a bit of positive reinforcement instead of them all just thinking i am a total bimbo. Another guy i met at the conference is reinforcing my image as a bimbo, he has a big crush on me and talks down to me like i am really thick. I'm sure the rest of them think i am just encouraging him too.
young unionists at home piss me off, if i was male it'd be so bloody much easier.

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

I'm going to be a bad girl today, i have a compulsary computer class at 5pm where we're going to get taught how to send an attachment, ha, i don't care, i can't be arsed to hang around for an hour.
Going to go home and snooze a little while, then get up and go swimming, then after that annie and I are going to go and watch simon play at the voodoo lounge, should be very good. Moondrop is going to be there, ohhhhh!!! very excited, haven't seen him since i got back, well i saw him once but got shy and ran away! Tonight I will be poised and sophisticated, yeahhh! I will kick ass, oh yeah!
Graham came down on sunday with his mates to watch a darts match, i met up with them after, his mates are ok but they were all into drugs, i mean, grow up, they're all around 30 too, you'd think that by that age, you'd have wised up a bit, but evidently not..