Monday, November 11, 2002

Blahdy,bladhy,blahy blah

state of my mind at the moment, spent 9am to 10pm in the library today, got impresively little done, decided that impressively little would do for research and am now trying to write my essay. Its not going well, i keep checking the word count every 5 mins hoping it'll magically hit 3000, but it seems stuck at around 300.
got an e-mail from graham today, made me want him to be here.
I really should have gone to edinburgh with the ultimate frisbee crowd, i could've tried to get sarah to come into edinburgh for a drink, can't believe how long it has been since i saw sarah. In Toronto, I used to see her every day. Instead i stayed in dublin all weekend and ate crap - in preparation for starting to write my essay, yet i never even opened a book for it.
Or I could have gone home for the weekend, probably would have got more work done there with mum breathing down my neck.
Haven't seen Joe since last tuesday when i kissed him, wonder if he'll be at training tomorrow.
Only one person left in the computer room beside me, i wish he'd go, he's putting me off by being able to concentrate when i can't, i want him to go so i can talk to myself and put on hideous rave music to get me going.
Ooooh, phone just beeped, wonder who it was neil from work telling me he is in costa bianca at the minute lapping up the heat, grrrrrrr, i have barely even seen outside today.
I will really have to snog neil one of these days, our flirting is just so painfully blatant.
Found this really nasty looking bruise on my chin this morning, presumably from waterpolo, didn't play any rugby all weekend.
Going to go and see Harry Potter this friday with Dawn, can't wait to finally see it, although i have been reading loads of reviews saying it isn't very good, grrrm why do people have to pour cold water over harry potter all the time. Even if it is shit, it'll still be excellent, it is harry potter.
Grr, i really wish guy sitting next to me would piss off, really want to be able to concentrate so i can get this done and go home. Fuuuckk, another person has just walked in, no bloody hope then!
Right, just going to have to make the best of it and see if i can concentrate.

Sunday, November 10, 2002

reasons why becca is a fuckwit

- essay due in on friday at 5pm, still haven't done it, in fact, still haven't started writing it or even finished researching it
- don't really care if essay gets done or not (but should as it is worth part of my final grade)
- snogged Joe last tuesday night after swimming, Very foolish move
- still haven't written unionist article and probably won't bother cos i am a lazy fucker

Elsewhere in fucked up becca land, won't get home to see graham for another two weeks as mum is coming down to stay next weekend, then Tina is coming down the weekend after. Mum is looking into transferring me to queens cos she is worried about my complete apathy to everything in life at the moment. Don't think i really get a say in the matter but then, don't really mind moving home either.
Would love to just curl up under the covers and stay there for the rest of the week - i wonder if laziness is a valid condition worthy of a medical cert to get me out of doing the essay.
Then again, this could just be the usual pre-essay procrastination mixed with severe PMT