Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Well, impressively since last entry i have become a proper geek, full of sad enthusiasm for my course and university in general, and i am even going to go to tutorials this week. Go me.
It all started with the essay, remember the one i did not work for, bizarrely i ended up with a 2:1. Something about it being well organised as opposed to the usual haphazard of badly organised random facts strewn across the page in no apparent order.
Got my unionist article written today, got quotes from David Trimble and Jeffrey Donaldson, it was really fun writing it, maybe i could reconsider a career in journalism!
Started talking to Joe again last night - I stopped talking to him after i kissed him because it was very awkward and we were both running around telling mutual friends evil things in hope they would get reported back. So last night, Kev and Will weren't at swimming so it was just me and Joe and lots of random people. I still managed to ignore him until we went to O'Neills and Paul and Eoin went up to the bar and it was just us two looking at eachother. Kind of nice to be talking again, not talking to someone and trying to ignore them (especially when seeing them makes your tummy go all funny) is really awkward and horrible.
Bad side - currently chewing on my third mars bar of the day, this new found zest for life is partly fuel by a permanent chocolate high.
Oh so tired, so very tired but I got rugby and waterpolo tonight. Burt (the waterpolo) coach has recently decided to make me the goalie which means me spending lots of time bobbing up and down in the deep end with Conor. Bit traumatic, also means i feel obliged to be at every single training session to make it look like I am really trying to be a good goalie.
I got an e-mail from Ross (dude from young unionists up north whom i reallty fancy) He was giving me advice and contact numbers with which to write my article, so i sent him a copy of the final piece. He approved which embarassingly put a big smile on my face!
But on to Graham the guy i am supposed to be dating..........I got an e-mail from him earlier this week asking if I was coming up home this weekend and I thought "aww bless, he misses me" HA the niavity of it! He wanted to know cos he remembered I was planning on coming up to see him the weekend after and he was busy all that weekend so he was trying to rearrange my visit - wee manipulative turd! Still miss him though, won't see him now until I go home for Christmas, although I suppose it is only over two weeks away.
well, time to go get my head bashed in - ie. time for rugby training.