Thursday, December 05, 2002

Home in less than two days, woohoo!!
Bizarre night last night, Joe came over with some hash and we sat and got stoned together, and had some very dodgy conversations. We also read the Kama Sutra - me and an ex getting stoned and reading the kama sutra together!!
But i warned him before he came round not to be getting weird and he didn't go it was all cool. I forgot how much much he is to be around, it sounds silly, but i am glad i went out with him, although i am glad we broke up, we were talking about that last night too and he was admitting that he was an asshole while we were going out.
Got one assignment done yesterday, just one more to do, hopefully i'll get that done today so i can go out tonight and get home ok tomorrow. It should be easy enough to get it done - i did the last one in a couple of hours. At this point i just want it done and out of my hair so i can relax and enjoy the last few hours in dublin.
Haven't heard from John since. But Sam is having a party tonight and Paul (the guy through whom i met john) asked sam if i was maybe john is thinking about going? That would be cool!