Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Dumped graham last night, was very tired and tried to go to bed early but sleep just wasn't happening, so as i do when i have insomnia, i started obsessing about everything and decided graham was being a shit.
As it turns out, definitely one of my better decisions!! He e-mailed back this morning and apologised for being an asshole when we were together so now we are just going to be friends which is cool. I feel alot better about it all now, cos he admitted that he was being a shit so it wasn't just me being paranoid and melodramatic, as i have a tendancy to be during relationships!!
Going into town now with lindsay to meet tina and do some xmas shopping altho i rather suspect we shall end up in the pub having an extended drunken lunch as we did the last time!! Happilly this time, i don't actually have to go straight to work like last time, ewww, that was so nasty!