Tuesday, January 14, 2003

ahhh dearie me, life is so awfully confusing.
As always, i'll start todays bitchathon with a rant about my pathetic lovelife but good sexlife!
Well, i suppose lovelife could actually be a lot worse. ahhhhhh, right, start from start!
I met the infamous emma on friday night - will's g/f and it was a traumatic experience. Not that there was anything wrong with her, incidentally i really liked her, she was a really nice girl and spent much of the night chatting to her. Will was the problem, I couldn't even look at him all night. As Will is so self obsessed, he failed to notice that it was not emma but himself that was bothering me, and as Will does when he is confused acted like even more of an asshole - the whole going back to what you do best. So i went back to what i do best, i ignored him. Very tense night all in all. At one point kev was messing around taking peoples pulses and mine was over 90 - we were just sitting in the pub!
Reason why my sexlife is so good, Joe and I have started randomly shagging, not a relationship might i add, purely just shagging, its fantastic.
Very much looking forward to going home this weekend though. Lindsay is coming home too so we are going out on the tear with Tina, Sam and some of lindsays university friends, then on sunday its the clandeboye lodges xmas do, it's going to be a black and white themed casino night - bling bling! Then on monday i am going to go see the rocky horror picture show with my stalker!!
To keep me entertained in the meantime i am setting up a unionist stand in college to collect my 50 signatures needed to start a new society, ha ha!!