Friday, January 24, 2003

"I want you , i want you sooo bad, oh honey i want you"

Been listening to bob dillen recently, its awfully good music, makes me smile cos its the sort of stuff my dad listened to when he was my age at college. Something vaguely comforting about that. Plus its kinda familar cos i remember my dad listening to it when i was little. Its comfort music like the beatles. Theres a Bob song called "baby blue" that i'd never heard before, and i realised that why dad calls me "becky blue" sometimes!! I'm such a daddy's girl.
Annie finally got to kiss simon last night which was cool cos they both wanted eachother for ages, he's such a sweet guy, it'd be brilliant if she broke up with ray and went out with simon. Ah well, i guess it'll work out how it should.
Got a random e-mail from graham yesterday telling me all about his new g/f and how good his lovelife was, irritated me because the reason i had dumped him was cos he was so commitment phobic and now he is settling down with the girl gemma, ahhh!! Men can be soo frustrating. Speaking of which, Will is sitting within my eyeline but i have been studiously avoiding looking at him or acknowleging him despite the fact he keeps stretching so that even if i was half blind, i notice him. Shit, i am such a stubborn bitch! Things have been weird between us since he brought emma to the pub. For my part i can't really be bothered trying to repair the damage caused to our friendship, i am rapidly falling out of love with him and just seeing him for what he is.
On a more pleasant note, i have organised my first unionist event for this saturday, we are going out to dinner for Burns night. Should be an interesting evening. It is also patsy's (johns best friend) 21st that night so i am getting very drunk and heading into temple bar with sam and annie for it after. Sam is after one of johns friends so she is gong to stalk him and as ever i am going to go and stalk john.
I kissed john again at sams party on friday, he's a funny one, think he is another relationship phobic guy. Sam was drinking with him last night and he said he likes me but he likes being a single lad better so randomly kissing him alot seems to be all i'm going to get. ahh well, c'est la vie!
Joe and I got very stoned together on monday and i told him about going to get the morning after pill after we slept together last so he was all relieved, apparently he thought I might be pregnant, ha, yeah right, do i look that stupid! We ended up kissing that night and fell asleep together, it was good fun. Annie reckons we're going to get back together but theres no chance, i know what hes like. he's another john, i can certainly pick them!!