Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Wow, organisation really is the most boring thing in the world!! Just spent over half an hour reorganising my political e-mail accounts, so now they are perfect. No, I am not trying to avoid doing work, if anything I have too much work to do. I just realised yesterday that my holidays start on 7th March, and thus I have less than a week and a half to write two assignments which I can't even be bothered to think about. Think I will go to the gym instead, sure that'll stimulate my mind by pumping the blood around to it, erm really!
I got a response from Iris Robinson yesterday by e-mail, she called me Roberta Black instead of Rebecca Black, grrrrrrrr, that woman is an asshole, i really dislike her but shes a lunatic and will draw people for entertainment value if she comes to speak at my society. I am trying to think of a good title for my debate with Sinn Fein, I had a meeting today with the Sinn Fein dude.
But last night was a moment to be proud of, i spent nearly a whole night talking to Paul (a good friend of Johns) and didn't ask about John once, woohoo, score, how much restraint do i have? I kick so much arse!
Elsewhere I keep seeing Ian everywhere. I have been telling James that I don't fancy Ian and that I hate him, i refer to Ian as satan around James so he doesn't start to suspect anything - James would never forgive me if i snogged one of his friends. Don't know why i even like Ian, he is such an arsehole, I think it must be the whole allure of trying to tame the bastard that does it for me! Clearly i have no taste.