Friday, March 07, 2003

wwooow wheeee, i finally got some action. Well, maybe too much action, swimming cocktail party last night, lots of free drink, I got very very very drunk and kissed three guys and brought one home, go me! All of whom i fancied! wow, i really do rock my work.
Downside (well theres always gotta be a downside) I still haven't finished my assignment that due in in 4 hours and i haven't showered today and got a mere 3 hours sleep last night.
More amusing downside, whilst in the library i was getting flashbacks of last night - i initially didn't remember much, but this came to me earlier, the guy i brought home is a swimmer - i gave him a LARGE hickey on the chest - that'll be fun during training tonight. Hope object of affection isn't there or i'll look like a slut from hell :(

Thursday, March 06, 2003

sad, sad, sad, not only am I conversing with a whole group of random people via e-mail about the harry potter fanfics but i am fighting with them. I brought up the point that at the end of book 4, Dumbledore seems a bit odd and i have a nasty feeling he might go evil. Fair enough point methinks and plenty of scope to debate and discuss it. But these little freaks clearly are very territorial about who they are nice to, as there has since been a virtual witch hunt launched against me since i introduced the dumbledore theory. I mean, chill out people. The worst happened today when this women who i will rename queen bitch for both accuracy and speed of reference suggested i was spamming and should be ignored. ohhhhh, da bitch is playing hardball. I was going to e-mail her directly telling her of the many reasons why she needs to get a life, but i thought no, she doesn't really deserve a response so the Harry Potter discussion group will have the privilege of my participation withdrawn.