Monday, March 24, 2003

arrrgghhh, eastenders just ended on a total cliff hanger again, grrrr, how can they do that to us?
Anyway, latest biz, home for march break, going back to dublin on sunday. Really looking forward to it but loving being home too, all confusing. Fucked up a bit at the end of last term.
I met the most amazing guy that I have met since Richard but its all messy.............he's Johns big brother. I met him at Johns 21st and only kissed him at the start to get revenge on John for ignoring me all night, then I realised how much I liked him. Then i saw John again and realised how much i like him. So now they both hate me - typical. Back to the drawing board. Ok, so that was rather skated over but i am not too proud of that series of events and its all still too raw to delve into.
Wow, another history program on TV, its bizarre, i heard an interesting theory that lots of history programs on TV make us all feel very patriotic and nationalistic, thus a good way to turn the nation pro-war!
Wow again, I think Clem and I read eachothers minds, i was thinking this evening that she is going back to london soon and that I should phone her and arrange to go for lunch or something, but she just phoned me, spooky indeed.