Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Kevin is annoying me at the minute, though not as much as these bloody allergies, i can hardly breath this morning!
I am starting to have second thoughts about working with Kev all next year as captain, i may have to do something radical like vote for conor, although i don't think conor would be able to beat Kev so I might have to start an alternative campaign against Kev. Its really mean but its for the best I reckon.
Will shocked us all last night by announcing that emma had broken up with him. Its clear that he is actually gutted about it as he just blurted it out randomly and sort of laughed. I think he is still in shock. It must be bizarre after the whole thing last year when he was bleating on about how he was going to break up with him etc etc And then she went and broke up with him. Even Wills ego must be at least bruised after that.
wow, i'm in such a bitchy mood this morning, must be cos i am up way too early, grrr

Monday, April 14, 2003

oh god and how could i neglect to mention, i snared moondrop again on saturday night. Progress as this time he was kissing me all night and then being ignorant the next morning, as opposed to the last time when he kissed me once and then ignored me for the rest of the night.
He was actually being really sweet. Very bizarre as he is usually such an ignorant shit. Although he is going to new zealand for a year after his exams so nothing will come of it anyway.
Weird dreams last night:

1. Annie was split into two people, not literally but personality wise. I was sitting eating dinner with one annie, when Kate, a friend of annie's walked past and i smiled a hello at her. Then she came over and was being all irritating, then annie i was with starting being really vicious to her. At this point i noticed there was also an annie with kate who then leapt to kates defence and walked over and poured the other annies dinner all over her head. Whereas i could see kate clearly in the dream, both of the annies were kind of blurred. I felt torn between which annie i should support - the one loyal to her friend or the amusing one.

2. John Cunningham and I were chatting about his new baby, how proud his was to be a father and how devoted he was to his wife. (i kissed him a couple of weeks ago, he is the most single man on the planet and the biggest slut)

3. I was at Annies flat with Annie, Ray and a few other people, although i didn't know who they were, they wee just kind of sitting around the table in the kitchen while annie and i were standing beside the table. Paul Bermingham came wandering up the stairs from Sams section of the flat and was all smiling an hugging us while we were kind of wondering what he was doing down there and if he really had brought back a girl to Sam and Annies flat. Then this byperactive stick insect type girl came running up the stairs and launched herself at annie and hugged her. (background - annie texted me last night to tell me that paul had brought some random girl back to their flat and shagged her on sams bed - sam is home for the weekend)