Friday, May 02, 2003

grrr, double grrrr, Eoin took great delight to telling me today that moondrop is denying all memory of us scoring eachother at Brians 21st. It wouldn't have been so bad if he hadn't of been so gleeful about it, he really does feed off other peoples misery, its sick. Its like when his friend Daves dad passed away, it was like eoin was taking over the whole mourning process. Maybe its cos he's such a miserable fucker he likes it when other are brought to his level, misery loves company etc
The swimming agm is tonight and the elections. I am really dreading them, Lorna told me last night that she definitely is running, its going to be so tight, and i really don't want to lose, it'll be so embarassing, i'll be like the female version of conor dalton. Lorna also asked me if i was still going to run if conor got mens. So bizarrely it looks like my best hope of getting captaincy is if conor wins the mens race and lorna drops of the female race! Weird.
Anyway, i have decided in the absence of any other bright idea just to look as good as i can, so i am heading out to find a new, preferable low cut top to wear and then getting my hair done - i got an extra 300 sterling on my student loan so i got some money to play with for a change!! woohoo!!