Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Standing outside the library this evening having a cancer stick when i happened to (or was forced to due to the volume of her voice) hear this italian girl with a very pronounced accent give out about foreigners in ireland......woooot? I settled for shooting a withering look at her.
The other thing, why do people who smoke getting treated like lepers, ok, so i don't usually chain smoke but i also don't usually do exams, people walk past and give you looks like ur sexually abusing small children, i don't get it.
this is ireland, not the west coast of america, i know that smoking is committing gradual suicide but thats my choice, i am perfectly well aware of that fact, and I am not forcing it upon other people. The Irish government are bringing in legisation next year to make smoking illegal in pubs, i mean, what next, banning drinking in pubs - although they are starting ad campaignst against smoking, are we living in a democracy or a totalitarian regime. Even Hitler didn't ban people from smoking or drinking!
Once again, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr to the world! (and more specifically the irish government)